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What are fat burners and what are they for?

Fat burners can help you burn excess fat, as they support natural metabolic processes in the breakdown of fat deposits. Optimum fat burning is essential for the success of the diet.

You can choose between different active ingredients that complement your diet plan and help you lose weight .

What are fat burners?

Fat burners are natural or synthetically produced active ingredients that are supposed to facilitate weight loss by reducing body fat.

There are fat burners that are directly involved in the metabolism and in the active ingredients that stimulate the entire metabolism and, therefore, promote fat loss.

Fat burners consist of different groups of active ingredients. For example, hormones, vitamins, minerals, or enzymes that divide proteins. Many preparations are combined preparations that, in addition to substances to improve metabolism, also contain binders of fat, fiber, and complementary vitamins and minerals.

What types of fat burners are there?

There are different types of fat burners that work differently in the body.

In general, there are four different types of fat burners:

  • Thermogenic fat burner
  • Thyroid Regulator
  • Appetite suppressants
  • Fat blocker

Thermogenic fat burner

Thermogenic fat burners are the most common means of burning fat. They work through the effect of thermogenesis. In this process, body temperature rises and fat burning is accelerated.

This effect can be easily achieved with both fat burning tablets and caffeine. For example, the caffeine found in coffee. However, coffee is not suitable for stimulating long-term fat burning.

The body quickly gets used to the effect of caffeine, so the dose must be steadily increased. In this way, it quickly reaches a height dangerous to health.

However, coffee is still ideal as an energy booster before training.

Thyroid Regulator

Unlike thermogenic fat burners, the combustion of thyroid regulators is regulated, regardless of the redundancy, through the thyroid. Here the body produces hormones that stimulate the metabolism, which in turn activates the burning of body fat.

Appetite suppressants

Appetite suppressants are not really fat burners, but they are meant to prevent fat deposits from forming. This is done by reducing appetite to a minimum and ensuring that you are simply not hungry.

Natural appetite suppressants are, for example, guarana or green tea. The latter has the advantage that the body does not get used to tea as quickly as coffee. Therefore, it is not necessary to increase the dose to an unhealthy degree.

Fat blockers

Fat blockers, which pursue the same goal but follow a different approach, are also not classic fat burners. Unlike fat burners, they do not burn fat but prevent fat from accumulating.

What fat burner is right for me?

When using fat burners, you should always keep in mind that both individual active ingredients and combinations of active ingredients can have completely different effects.

Therefore, it makes sense to carefully consider its composition and mode of action before choosing one of them. Choose a product that suits your diet. Approved medications and over-the-counter nutritional supplements are safe for healthy people.

In these cases, you should consult their use with a doctor

  • If you are under medical treatment, ask your doctor if there can be an interaction between your medication and any of the ingredients.
  • Fat burners are not intended for the treatment of overweight children and adolescents. In such cases, a diet change should be made after consulting a doctor or nutritionist.
  • Severe obesity can have very different causes that cannot be treated with fat burners. Here a medical diagnosis and a concept of integral therapy are necessary.

Mode of action and active ingredients in fat burners

Fat burners can be of natural or synthetic origin. Natural fat burners include substances that the body uses to lose fat, as well as those based on herbal active ingredients.

For fat burner preparations, processed plants are used, for example, green or matte tea, or isolated active ingredients.

They also include minerals, vitamins and L-carnitine for optimal care.

Minerals such as magnesium and zinc and vitamins are designed to ensure optimal care for all processes that are responsible for the breakdown of fat in the body.

Supplements are particularly useful if the metabolism is affected by a deficiency of them. L-carnitine plays a key role in energy metabolism and improves the renewal of fatty acids.

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Herbal ingredients for better metabolism: enzymes, caffeine and spicy substances

Several substances that occur naturally in plants can have a positive effect on fat metabolism. These include digestive enzymes found in exotic fruits such as kiwi, papaya, and pineapple.

Stimulating caffeine and tannins of various types of tea, coffee, mate, and guarana have an effect on metabolism and stimulate heat generation. Equally acute are spices such as chili to stimulate metabolism.

Ginseng has a stimulating effect that suppresses appetite and can have a positive effect on blood sugar levels.

Algae Fucoxanthin: improves fat burning

The active ingredient fucoxanthin is obtained from algae. If taken over a longer period of time, it is stored in adipose tissue and increases metabolism. This burns more calories, which favors weight loss.

Benefits of fat burners

  • The body’s metabolism can be stimulated and accelerated by the various active ingredients.

Disadvantages of fat burners

  • A positive effect cannot be medically proven for all substances and preparations.
  • Adverse effects and drug interactions may occur.

How to use fat burners

Fat burners are available in different forms. Capsules and tablets are the most common. As a general rule, preparations are taken with meals. The maximum recommended dose that can be found in the product leaflet should not be exceeded.

Side effects of fat burner

Many fat burning supplements are classified as dietary supplements and are considered safe. However, side effects may occur, especially if taken in too high doses.

These include:

  • The heart speeds up and trembles due to caffeine: Be careful with preparations containing caffeine, calculate your caffeine intake in your tea and coffee, energy drink, or coke.
  • Mineral and vitamin overdose: The risk of excessive doses is relatively low, but you should follow the dosage recommendations.
  • Hypersensitivity reactions: Especially with combined products, there is a possibility that you cannot tolerate one of the ingredients. For example, allergies to capsaicin contained in chili are known.
  • Side effects of ginseng known: The patients being treated for diabetes and high blood pressure should only take ginseng after consult your physician. Ginseng extracts also affect blood clotting and may increase the effects of caffeine.

This is how fat burners can help your diet

Fat burners can be a measure of short-term weight loss. But if you want to lose weight and maintain the desired weight afterward, a permanent change in diet and an active lifestyle with enough exercise is recommended.

Fat burners can help you lose body fat along with other measures. It is important that you plan for the long term and allow time for the active ingredients in fat burning preparations to develop their effects.

Tips to burn fat naturally

Also, remember to support your body’s fat-burning with other additional measures. You will need to deplete fat deposits with physical activity to be able to lose weight.

Fat deposits are reserves of energy that your body uses when there is higher energy consumption. Your body burns fatter if you exercise more and are physically active.

Therefore, plan enough sports activities in your daily and weekly routine so that your body has the opportunity to increase fat burning naturally.

Certain endurance sports such as jogging or walking have proven very efficient for fat loss.

Optimize your metabolism through a balanced diet

A balanced diet is crucial to get rid of fat for good. The body can function better if it is not overloaded with too much food but still receives all the important nutrients in sufficient quantities.

  • Smaller meals during the day, which contain many minerals and vitamins, are a very good base.
  • The high-quality protein that the body can easily use is important for the formation of hormones involved in metabolic processes. In this way, you help your body to burn body fat naturally.
  • On the other hand, you should avoid an excessively high proportion of carbohydrate-rich foods. They increase the release of insulin, which makes it difficult for the body to break down fat.

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