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50 amazing benefits of coconut oil – backed by science

Coconut oil had a reputation of being harmful and dangerous for anyone who cared about heart disease and high blood pressure, due to its high saturated fat content.

But now it is considered as a healing and very nutritious agent that you should add in your diet to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Coconut oil and the myths behind saturated fats

The idea that coconut oil was considered harmful for health comes from the notion that saturated fat would increase bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, which would clog the veins and cause heart diseases.

Many studies were conducted, but in all of them, there was a fundamental defect.

Studies that showed the association between saturated fats and heart disease also placed trans fats in the same category.

What are trans fats?

Trans fats are fat molecules that have been transformed through the hydrogenation process, which is a chemical process, similar to how vegetable oils are converted into margarine.

These may be related to cardiovascular diseases and other health problems, and it is certainly not fair to compare them with natural saturated fats.

Many cultures around the world appreciate saturated fats for their nutritional properties.

50 things coconut oil can be used for

1. It helps balance hormones

Coconut oil is a healthy and nutritious fat that provides adrenal and thyroid hormones with adequate nutrition so that your hormonal balance becomes more stable.

2. You will have more energy and a better metabolism

Medium-chain coconut oil triglycerides increase fat burning (10), which gives you a better metabolism.

Medium-chain fatty acids are not stored as fats in the body but are used immediately by the liver, which converts them into ketones that in turn are converted into energy (11).

3. Regulates blood sugar

Coconut oil is a solid source of energy that helps keep blood sugar stable.

The Indian Journal of Pharmacology conducted an animal study in which it was discovered that a diet with the oil improved glucose tolerance and reduced total cholesterol levels.

The researchers attributed the effect to the presence of lauric acid (a medium-chain fatty acid) in the oil.

4. Improves brain health

Several studies show the positive effects that coconut oil has on the health of your brain (13).

We can see that it is incredibly useful for treating and preventing Alzheimer’s, as well as simply to help common people feel more alert.

5. Treat cold sores

The antiviral composition in coconut oil causes cold sores to heal faster and at the same time acts as an analgesic (14).

6. Relieves sore throat

A teaspoon of coconut oil melted in warm water with lemon will relieve your sore throat.

The result might vary from one person to the next.

7. Treats earache and infection

Simmer some coconut oil over low heat with a clove of garlic and apply (15) to the affected ear.

You will feel instant relief.

8. Help treat candida fungus

Candida is a fungus and a parasite that steals the necessary energy from the body.

Some studies show that among other things, the lauric acid in coconut oil helps fight this fungus (16).

9. Improves the immune system

Almost half of the fat in coconut oil is lauric acid, which is converted into monolaurin acid, a monoglyceride that can destroy viruses encapsulated in lipids (17), gram-negative bacteria and protozoa.

What makes it effective in the treatment of disorders such as herpes virus, HIV and measles, to name a few.

10. Helps with a better digestion

If you consume coconut oil with your meals, you can have better digestion, since the oil lubricates the digestive tract, making digestion much easier.

11. Fight parasites

The lauric acid in coconut oil has a fungicidal, antiviral and antibacterial effect, thus creating an inhospitable environment for these unpleasant parasites (18).

12. It is an effective remedy for burns

Coconut oil is a helpful treatment to heal burns faster and provide immediate relief (19).

13. Helps treat peptic ulcer

Coconut oil helps rebuild the intestinal walls and provides a sticky effect that promotes easy digestion, allowing food to pass easily (20).

14. Coconut oil combined with anise seed extract can scare off lice

A study has shown that when these two agents combine, they have a much more effective effect compared to regular lice treatment, permethrin (21).

15. inhibits from inflammation

In animal studies, coconut oil has been shown to reduce inflammation (22).

The researchers also found that the oil has a moderate analgesic effect and reduces swelling.

16. Helps reduce fever

A study showed that coconut oil is an effective remedy for fever.

Ayurveda considered oil as a cooling effect long before modern medicine arrived in the field.

17. Increases testosterone and helps reduce prostate cancer

Coconut oil is not only one of the best foods that promote healthy hormones by regulating the thyroid and adrenal glands, but it has also been found to reduce the incidence of prostate cancer (23).

18. Helps with weight loss

The various uses of coconut oil, both medicinal and other, are so extensive that everyone should have this wonderful medicine in their kitchen cabinet.

In addition to all the health benefits, oil can also be used to lose weight.

half coconut

19. It is good for cooking

Coconut oil is an excellent fat for cooking because the structure of the oil remains intact when heated, therefore, it does not produce harmful by-products such as the most common cooking oils.

20. Use it as a butter substitute

Coconut oil can be used in a variety of recipes instead of butter.

The spices in most recipes will generally dominate the taste of the oil, but if you prefer to avoid the taste of coconut, you can choose an oil without flavor.

21. It is perfect for vegetarian meals

Coconut oil is the most important ingredient in most vegetarian and vegan raw cakes, as well as in paleo delights, as it stands firm at temperatures below 24 degrees, which keeps delicacies intact and makes them more delicious (24)

22. Makes food more nutritious

When you use coconut oil, the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are better absorbed while regulating blood sugar.

If you eat steamed vegetables, you should add plenty of oil and some sea salt, which will make the fat-soluble vitamins be absorbed much more effectively (25).

23. Makes delicious chocolates

Mix coconut oil with equal parts of cocoa powder and honey to obtain a natural chocolate sauce, or pour the pulp into small molds and place it in the refrigerator.

Enjoy tour homemade and healthy chocolate delicacies (26).

24. Reduces appetite

Take a teaspoon of coconut oil before meals and you will feel satiated faster, due to the way fatty acids react in the body.

Scientific studies have revealed that ketones (produced when you consume the oil) in the blood can suppress appetite (27, 28, 29).

25. Serves to treat wooden furniture

Yes, you can use coconut oil to treat your wooden furniture and it is definitely cheaper and much less toxic than commercial polishes.

26. It is good for polishing leather

Brushing your shoes with coconut oil on a dry cloth is simply a good natural alternative.

27. Repels fleas

Just as it is used as a treatment for lice, it can also be used to eliminate small and annoying fleas from your pet’s fur.

28. Make your own baby wipes

It is possible to use disposable cloths to clean your baby’s delicate areas.

Mix 1 cup of warm water, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of castile soap.

With this ointment, you get an excellent wet napkin for the baby’s delicate butt.

The mixture is also a disinfectant and has a soothing and softening effect.

29. It is a natural treatment for diaper rash

Even if you use the amazing homemade baby wipes, the little one can still have a diaper rash.

Coconut oil will effectively relieve the child’s discomfort.

30. Use it as a massage oil

If you heat coconut oil in a water bath with your favorite essential oils, you can enjoy a delicate spa-like experience.

31. Treat warts

Apply coconut oil on warts daily and cover with a patch.

As we have already mentioned in one of the other points, the oil is a great treatment for fungal infections and in a month warts should have disappeared.

32. It is a natural body scrub

Mix sugar, coconut oil and any of your favorite essential oils in equal parts and use this mixture as a body scrub when you bathe.

33. Moisturizes your body naturally

You can use coconut oil as a moisturizer because it nourishes the skin and prevents acne.

Many people use it as a facial cream for wrinkle prevention too.

34. Coconut oil used as sunscreen blocks UV rays by 30% more

Lubricate well before heading to the beach.

And by the way, you can still absorb beneficial vitamin D from the sun, which cannot be done with a regular sunscreen (30).

35. Use it as a lubricating lotion

Coconut oil is a great alternative to petroleum-based lubricants.

However, it should be borne in mind that if you use latex condoms, the oil can weaken the latex, so it is better to choose polyurethane condoms.

36. Improves oral health

Coconut oil has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties that may contain harmful viruses and bacteria.

The oil also prevents tooth decay, strengthens the gums, whiten your teeth and generally provides good oral hygiene.

37. It is a nourishing hair treatment

Massage the hair with coconut oil, paying special attention to the tips, brush it and let it sit overnight (remember to put a bathing cap on the bed).

Wash your hair with shampoo in the morning and enjoy a silky hair.

38. Moisturizes your lips naturally

The next time you run out of lip balm, try mixing 1½ teaspoon of coconut oil with your favorite essential oils and add 1 teaspoon of beeswax.

Let it reach room temperature before using it.

39. Help with hemorrhoids

Spread coconut oil directly on hemorrhoids and will relieve the swelling and relieve the pain immediately.

40. Decreases dandruff

Try a scalp treatment with rosemary and coconut oil against dandruff.

Simply massage the mixed oils into the scalp and let it act overnight.

Wash your hair in the morning and repeat until the problem disappears (31).

41. It is a magnificent aftershave

It is absolutely surprising that something so simple can be so effective when it comes to relieving irritation after shaving.

42. Relieves mosquito bites

Apply directly to any insect bite to relieve itching and reduce swelling.

43. Use it as a natural make-up remover

Coconut oil is an impressive make-up remover as it not only dissolves waterproof mascara but also cleanses and nourishes your skin.

44. Offers relief from sunburn

Ayurveda, an ancient system of Indian medicine, states that coconut oil is a refreshing oil that can provide really good relief on itchy and scaly skin.

Another excellent remedy for sunburn is apple cider vinegar mixed with water.

Apply coconut oil with apple cider vinegar for even greater relief.


45. Reduces acne

Coconut oil is an excellent remedy for internal and external acne treatment.

Inside, it helps balance the hormones that cause acne.

Externally, it can control the delivery of grains, as it works antibacterially and reduces swelling and redness.

46. It can be used as a shaving cream

If you want to avoid irritation, try using coconut oil instead of shaving cream.

Apply some oil on the skin and shave as desired.

It is a cheaper solution, which moisturizes the skin and acts as an antibacterial.

47. Reduce stretch marks

Apply coconut oil to stretch marks and scars when the pores are open, after a whirlpool bath, for example.

You can also apply oil to your stomach during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.

48. You will have extra full eyelashes

Put some coconut oil on your eyelashes before bedtime.

It is especially useful if you use make-up for your eyes since the use of it in the long-term can cause the lashes to crack or fall out.

49. Make homemade soap

You can easily make your own soap with only 3 ingredients and a clay pot.

You can find this amazing recipe here.

50. Help with varicose veins

Apply the oil daily on varicose veins and massage thoroughly.

Medical reports show that it is a unique method that addresses this discomfort naturally.

What coconut oil is better?

It is important to choose a high-quality oil.

Buy a virgin, organic and cold-pressed oil so you can reap all the benefits.

The refined version is suitable for cooking if you want to avoid the taste of coconut in food.

What are the disadvantages?

There are different opinions about whether coconut oil has disadvantages.

Those who claim that there are disadvantages in its use argue, among other things, that coconut oil contributes to an effect of increased blood fat in the body due to its high content of saturated fats, which may eventually have adverse health effects.

Coconut oil consists of 80 percent saturated fat.

Is it better a hot or cold-pressed one?

Cold-pressed coconut oil contains a greater amount of nutrients.

On the other hand, if you intend to use the oil for frying or cooking, where it is heated, you can also use hot pressing, since the nutrients will still be heated during cooking.

Hot pressed coconut oil is heat resistant and lacks the aroma and flavor of coconut, while cold-pressed coconut oil has the full flavor.

It is healthy?

Some people claim that it contains many beneficial substances such as antioxidants, fats, vitamins, etc., while others claim that it is useless due to its high content of saturated fats since it is considered to have a negative effect on the heart.

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