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L-arginine, the amino acid for erectile dysfunction

L-arginine is a so-called semi-essential amino acid. This means that it can be made by the body to some extent, but not in sufficient quantities. Therefore, it must be supplied through food or with the help of nutritional supplements.

The amino acids are compounds of proteins very small organic that are important for many metabolic processes in our body.

L-arginine is an organic substance that is also known as a proteinogenic amino acid, or more precisely, an alpha-amino acid. Proteinogen means that the structure of L-arginine is already defined in human genes.

The body absolutely needs arginine because it has a variety of tasks to do. An arginine deficiency can lead to noticeable physical restrictions. Athletes in particular will notice it very quickly.

Arginine is, from the outside, white powder and is formed by your body within the urea cycle. An advantage of arginine is that it is semi-essential.

Essential substances or compounds are vital to your body. However, it cannot produce them by itself. If you look closely at the chemical formula of arginine, you will find nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen.

Unlike other amino acids, because there are still many of them, L-arginine is the most nitrogenous protein base.

Arginine: multifunctional for a healthy organism

The amino acid L-arginine is responsible for many tasks in the body. It not only contributes to increasing performance but also to maintaining health.

For men, it should be good news that, in the meantime, L-arginine has found widespread use due to its potency-enhancing effects.

In this context, arginine can be seen as a medication that is generally prescribed for erectile dysfunction and other erectile problems. Arginine is available as a dietary supplement.

Take care of the building block of high energy proteins in several ways to keep the body healthy. Let’s start with the cardiovascular system.

After extensive studies, arginine has been shown to expand blood vessels (which also plays a role in increasing potency), and therefore supports the cardiovascular system. In addition, L-arginine regulates blood pressure and affects all blood flow.

More and more people suffer from diabetes mellitus or diabetes. This is caused by insufficient insulin release by the Langerhans islets from the pancreas.

This is why the body’s cells cannot absorb glucose from the blood. However, if you take arginine regularly, it supports the metabolic activity of the pancreas so that enough insulin is released.

As a result, the chances of getting diabetes from taking arginine are extremely low. Studies have clearly shown that L-arginine can lower blood pressure and can have a positive effect on beta-cell regeneration in the pancreas.

There are more benefits

But that’s not all, because arginine can do so much more. Consider, for example, the influence of sperm formation by arginine and the body’s own protein production. Your body is primarily made up of protein and water. Protein can only be synthesized by storing arginine.

Aspects such as optimization of wound healing and strengthening of the immune system are also closely related to the benefits of arginine.

If there are fine tears in the muscle fibers as a result of sports exertion, arginine helps them heal quickly and without scarring.

There is a lot of collagen in your skin. These fibers give the skin its elasticity and at the same time support it through its fibers. In order for your body to produce collagen, you also need arginine.

If there were no arginine, you would be as small as a baby. Arginine is involved in the production of hormones that are responsible for its growth. L-arginine is used to detoxify your body and break down harmful substances released by metabolism and transmit them through the metabolism of urea.

The protein building block can make free radicals harmless. Free radicals accelerate the natural aging processes of the body’s cells.

What are the benefits of arginine?

Scientific research has shown that arginine is a true natural power booster. For you, this means that you can get more resistance and strength through it.

The L-arginine can make your muscle cells to regenerate faster. This has to do with increasing blood flow to muscle cells. In addition to an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to the “energy cells”, there is a better discharge of end metabolic products from the muscle cells.

Muscle cells can recover more quickly.

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Higher performance:

The amino acid can help improve performance in extreme situations. For example, in weight training. It is very important that it is supplied from the outside with food supplements. This ensures that performance does not decrease due to possible L-arginine deficiency and, ideally, may even be increased.

In general, amino acids are ideal for increasing fat metabolism. The main focus is on glutamine, methionine, and arginine. Ideally, all of these protein building blocks can increase fat burning during physical exertion, such as endurance sports and strength training.

L-arginine covers a large part of the energy reserves in the body. With increased daily stress as well as high sports performance, you will soon reach the limits of your arginine supply. Athletes’ performance can be increased by approximately 20 percent with arginine.

An increase in energy supply is based on the incorporation of arginine in the synthesis of creatine. Creatine is a very important component to supply energy to the muscles.

Through its own biosynthesis, the creatine is also responsible for increasing energy consumption and, therefore, to break down fat.

L-arginine combined with Tribulus Terrestris

You can guarantee a strengthening effect of arginine by combining several products. One of them is Tribulus Terrestris. Both substances together promote the release of nitrogen. Chemically speaking, there is nitrogen storage in Tribulus Terrestris.

This complements the effect of L-arginine with respect to the release of nitrogen monoxide. Thus, it guarantees a two-fold increase in the supply of nitrogen monoxide to the muscles if you combine arginine with Tribulus Terrestris.

In addition to L-arginine, L-citrulline has also been processed in various dosage forms.

Unlike L-arginine, L-citrulline is not proteinogenic. It represents a preliminary stage of arginine formation: only in the liver does L-citrulline convert to arginine in a fairly long biochemical process.

This condition is favorable because it benefits from the long-lasting effect of L-arginine.

The inclusion of both substances is recommended as part of the increase in performance in sports, especially in bodybuilding.

The three active ingredients can be known to stimulate libido, lower blood pressure, and increase performance in both men and women. In many circles, athletes also talk about stimulating muscle growth and the associated increase in strength.

With the intake of Tribulus Terrestris and arginine, you get a multiplier effect. In addition, there is, for example, an increase in testosterone. The male sex hormone testosterone, along with arginine, can shorten the period of muscle regeneration.

The effect of high testosterone on lean muscle mass is well known. This effect makes it easier for bodybuilders to define muscles in a specific and individual way. While taking enough protein, it may even be possible to build lean muscle mass intensively.

An advantage of arginine and Tribulus Terrestris is that they can be taken without side effects. If you carefully follow the instructions in the package leaflet, you should generally not experience any harmful side effects.

Occasionally, gastrointestinal problems can occur if the dose is set too high.

L-arginine increases sexual potency

Another point in favor of the amino acid is that sexual potency can increase. In a man’s erectile tissue, nitric oxide (NO) is formed from this substance. This can improve blood flow and can lead to a stronger erection.

According to some studies, a low level of arginine or nitric oxide can lead to a loss of performance during sex. However, it was also found that erectile dysfunction can be alleviated with regular intake of L-arginine capsules.

L-arginine can improve male fertility and sexual activity. In high concentrations, arginine can possibly cause better limb hardening, which is more or less restricted or impossible, especially in the case of erectile dysfunction.

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Muscle building

Ideally, not only the growth but also the regeneration of the muscles can be increased with L-arginine. Muscles recover after exertion, allowing you to train much more often and harder.

The release of growth hormones gives muscle cells a real boost, so ideally this can significantly increase total muscle mass.

If you take L-arginine in the correct dosage, you will have created an excellent foundation for efficiently pumping your muscles. It works by releasing glucagon and prolactin through arginine as growth substances. Of course, these also affect muscles.

In view of the improved blood flow, energy is transported very quickly to the muscles, where it is used in a timely manner during training.

Are there any L-arginine side effects?

If the dose does not exceed 15,000 mg daily, no side effects of L-arginine have been observed. However, people with acute herpes should refrain from taking it. Basically, the stomach has to get used to the external intake first.

Therefore, the respective amount should be divided and taken half in the morning and the other in the afternoon. At first, you should start with a lower dose, which will then increase over time.

If other prescription medications are taken, a doctor should be consulted in advance. Especially when combined with so-called PDE5 inhibitors, one should be careful and seek medical advice.

What dose is recommended?

To notice its benefits, you should take approximately 4.5 grams a day. Manufacturer information can be very helpful and should never be exceeded.

Basically, the human body can tolerate a maximum of 15 grams of the amino acid per day without causing various side effects. If intolerance is noted when taking it, it should be stopped immediately.

Then it becomes clear that L-arginine can be very helpful in several ways. In addition, the love life can also benefit from this, since possible erectile dysfunction is prevented.

Arginine is always taken according to your age, daily needs, and health aspects. With a high physical effort, arginine consumption increases naturally. This may also be the case with some diseases.

A minimum amount of 3,000 milligrams to a maximum of 5,000 milligrams per day with food is therapeutically helpful. The safest way is to use an arginine supplement. In individual cases, for example in the case of high-performance and strong athletes, the prevention of a deficiency or the avoidance of lack of supply can be connected with an even higher intake.

With fertility and potency disorders, the daily intake should be around 5000 milligrams a day. Approximately 400 milligrams and 1600 milligrams per day are sufficient to improve sperm quality.

If you intend to build your muscles with arginine, then it is important to maintain your intake of at least 6,000 milligrams per day, approximately 30 minutes to an hour before the start of training. 

L-arginine: a constant companion for athletes

If you are a strength athlete or a high-performance athlete, it is definitely more appropriate if you do not supply your arginine exclusively with food. You would have to eat tons of food to satisfy all your needs. Worse yet, excessive calories would be unavoidable.

That’s why carefully tested, high-quality nutritional supplements are a smart solution.

From a biochemical perspective, arginine is a precursor to nitrogen monoxideNitric oxide has an expansive effect on the blood vessels. This results in an increase in the blood supply to muscle cells, which is associated with an increase in the supply of nutrients and oxygen.

This requirement is optimal for strength athletes such as bodybuilders to achieve the highest possible pumping. Especially athletes who plan very demanding and long workouts every day should not do without arginine.

If you like to exercise in combination with a diet, or a diet low in carbohydrates, you will achieve an excellent muscular sensation.

After arginine is released into the body and incorporated into metabolism, it can make your training more specific and extensive. Your muscles are much more powerful, which you can see in turn from the increased size.

To expand this effect as much as possible, you can choose between Arginine HCL and Arginine Base. The L-arginine base is characterized by its special pH. This is basic, so the so-called bioavailability in the body is cheaper than with arginine HCL.

L-arginine – rich food

To make up for an existing arginine deficiency or to avoid an alleged lack of supply, you can take nutritional supplements or special foods.

If you like to chop nuts, then you are in the right place, because there is a lot of L-arginine in nuts, hazelnuts, and peanuts. Without forgetting the pumpkin, pine nuts, and almondsPlant products such as soy, oats, rice without rice, and lentils are also rich in arginine.

Animal products like cow’s milk, tuna, shellfish like shrimp, pork, and raw chicken breast also contain high concentrations of L-arginine. You should also know that the amount of L-arginine decreases with intensive cooking.

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