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The immune system protects the human being

The better our immune system works, the easier it will be for us to stay fit and healthy, and a small cold will still be a small cold.

There are no common colds as such, only a weak or weakened defense that can no longer defend itself against bacteria and viruses. And, of course, if you are soaked, the body is more concerned with warming up than taking care of small intruders.

Our body is very well built and classifies its processes according to priorities. Unfortunately, a cold is more likely to have no priority because other factors seem more important to your body.

Support your immune system

First, it is important that you try to avoid stress as much as possible. When stressed, the body produces cortisone and, in the long run, will weaken and feel less efficient.

Therefore, rest periods are absolutely essential for your physical and mental health. Wellness, relaxation, and meditation can do for your health as well as some medications.

In addition, you must adapt to the circumstances. Dress according to the weather, do not stay with sweaty clothes and keep your apartment clean. We transport pathogens to our homes every day, mainly through shoes.

That means using the vacuum regularly, ventilation, cleaning, and most importantly: washing your hands regularly for approximately thirty seconds. If, on the other hand, you are surrounded by too many pathogens, your body is overloaded and in some places, you can simply clear the way for unnecessary intruders.

That’s why the intestine is so important

There are many immune cells in the intestineIf the intestine is fine, your immune system also works properly! To support your immune system, enjoy yogurt with live cultures or probiotics, and avoid foods that do not tolerate well.

Your doctor has the opportunity to assess your intolerance. Your intestine also responds well to exercise and needs fiber. Avoid unhealthy and artificially produced foods, especially if they contain artificial additives.

Vitamin supplements can help

You can also support your immune system with vitamin preparations, provided they are of high quality. One of the best-known vitamins is vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid.

You should take vitamin C regularly, as it increases your defenses properly. Many make the mistake of taking vitamin C only in acute cases, that is if they are already in bed.

Your immune system also needs the mineral zinc and vitamin B, since they are good for the nerves.

Disproportionate defense

Sometimes your body goes crazy and defends itself from things that are absolutely harmless. We all know what an allergy is, and it works exactly according to this principle. The body stimulates the immune system where it is unnecessary.

In the case of exaggerated reactions, your immune system should shut down accordingly. There are all kinds of allergies and your doctor can also give you good advice. Other immune diseases come from the thyroid, for example.

Do enough sport

The sport is always healthy and excellent. If you spend the day in front of the TV, it is likely that your defense will also suffer.

Endurance sports such as jogging or cycling strengthen your body’s defenses and also do your soul good.

You can deal better with stress in the future, which, consequently, means strengthening your immune system. If you are new to sports, it is better to talk to your doctor so you do not get overwhelmed or do sports that are inappropriate for you.

Sport cleanses and “rinses” pathogens and bacteria, that’s why you sweat when you have the flu or a simple cold.

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Home remedies to have more defenses

Grandma’s advice often works very well if you want to strengthen your immune system. Almost everyone knows chicken soup as a classic help for colds and the like.

Scientists have discovered that chicken soup or chicken broth contains substances similar to antibiotics ( 1 ). Another advantage is, of course, that there are no side effects.

The antibiotics in particular may damage the intestines, and weaken the body’s defenses.

Other home remedies proven to strengthen the immune system are honey, lemon, orange and onion.

Simply try to drink lemon tea with a little ginger and/or honey every day, your immune system will be happy and you will also feel more fit. Also, do sports every day and it will be guaranteed that the cold will not surprise you so quickly.

Supports the immune system in children

Children in particular are real sources of bacteria. As soon as the children are in kindergarten, the child (and often the rest of the family) begin to get sick.

At the age of approximately three years, most of the child’s defense is formed. It is important to have a well-balanced diet, not overdo it and exercise too much.

Parents who overuse disinfectant cleaners with their children are not doing their children any favors. Since the immune defense is under construction, it naturally also needs smaller “opponents” to be able to develop.

The well-known intermediate path has proven to be good. Children should not play in the dump and eat dirt, but get dirty and wallow in the mud. Of course, children should always be supervised and play in playgrounds and places that are as well served as possible.

Free nature such as the sea, the forest or simply the city park also helps the little ones maintain their own defenses.

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