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The incredible benefits of green tea

Thanks to its unique ingredients, green tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. Many fans of tea appreciate its stimulating effect. But it stands out particularly well for its numerous health benefits. You can find out what positive effects green tea has on our body here.

1. Rich in health promoting substances

Green tea is rich in phytochemicals that have a supportive effect against many diseases. The most important is the so-called catechins. Catechins are bitter substances in plants and in green tea, they represent 30 to 40 percent of the mass of dry leaves.

Due to their high antioxidant potential, catechins provide many health benefits and can help with obesity and diabetes, among other things.

Green tea is also a good source of polyphenols that reduce inflammation in the body and help fight cancer cells ( 1 ).

The free radicals are stopped in this way and have no possibility to damage cells. In the long run, this effect could even have a positive effect on the aging process.

A unique combination of phytochemicals and antioxidants makes green tea one of the healthiest drinks.

2. Supports the brain

The caffeine in green tea makes us feel awake and alert because caffeine blocks receptors in the brain for a neurotransmitter called adenosine. It makes us feel fit and our fatigue is temporarily suppressed.

At the same time, it increases the concentration of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, which has a mood-enhancing effect ( 2 ).

Green tea has an effect similar to coffee, but without triggering the shaky and exaggerated feeling that often arises after a cup of coffee.

On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that contains less caffeine than coffee and, on the other hand, it is due to the fact that the amino acid L-theanine is present in green tea.

L-theanine acts directly on the brain on the neurotransmitter GABA, which has an anxiolytic effect. It also increases the production of dopamine and helps the brain to reach a state of concentration 3 ).

Thanks to its caffeine content, green tea makes you wake up and focus. The amino acid L-theanine contained in green tea has a relaxing and anxiolytic effect at the same time.

3. Increase fat burning and performance

Concentrated green tea has been sold as a dietary supplement for many years. It is supposed to increase fat burning and promote weight loss.

In fact, some studies confirm this claim. Some participants showed an increase in energy renewal and better mobilization of body fat ( 4 ).

However, whether green tea really speeds up metabolism is still up for debate. Some studies show a positive effect where others find no effect ( 5 ).

The caffeine in tea can actually make you a little more active throughout the day.

The resulting drive to move could be expressed in increased energy consumption. An indirect effect, which presumably wears off over time as the body gets used to caffeine.

Green tea is not a miracle weapon against fat, but it is a useful companion for weight loss. More desire to move and better mobilization of body fat are among the positive effects.

4. Protection against cancer through antioxidants

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The uncontrolled growth of cells is known to be promoted by oxidative processes. To protect itself from this cellular damage, the body needs plant antioxidants ( 6 ).

Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. You can protect against breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer, among other things.

An observational study showed that women who drank the greenest tea had a 20 to 30 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer.

This effect was also seen in colon cancer. Tea drinkers reported up to 42 percent fewer illnesses here ( 7 ).

With its powerful antioxidants, green tea protects against numerous types of cancer. Your regular enjoyment could have a positive effect here in the long run.

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5. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Most people worldwide die from the effects of cardiovascular disease. A healthy diet proves to be a very effective way to significantly reduce the risk of disease, including a stroke or heart attack.

According to some studies, green tea could be an important part of a heart-healthy diet. Consumption improves risk factors such as total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol levels, and triglycerides ( 8 ).

Thanks to the many antioxidants, the damage caused by LDL cholesterol can be quickly repaired. This improves lipid health ( 9 ).

Those who drink green tea regularly improve their blood cholesterol and lipid levels and can protect themselves from diseases in the long term.

6. Protects against excess weight and helps you lose weight

Green tea seems to be very suitable as an accompaniment to a diet.

A study for twelve weeks showed a significant reduction in body fat, body weight, and abdominal circumference in the group that drank tea. Scientists suspect that this is due to high catechin intake ( 10 ).

However, since obesity generally results from a combination of inadequate nutrition and insufficient physical activity, it seems clear that green tea alone does not offer lasting protection. However, as a daily companion, he is almost invincible.

Catechins help the body lose weight. Daily consumption of green tea appears to promote fat burning, especially in the stomach.

7. It could help you live longer

To reduce the chance of premature death from cardiovascular disease or cancer , green tea is a healthy aid.

A Japanese study examined more than 40,000 adults. Those who drank more than five cups a day were significantly less likely to die in the next eleven years.

The risk of death for tea drinkers during this period was reduced by 23 percent in women and by 12 percent in men ( 11 ).

Tea drinkers live longer, at least in Japan. Up to 23 percent less likely to die if more green tea is consumed daily.

8. Reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

If the body becomes insensitive to the hormone insulin, the blood will no longer receive enough sugar in the cells. This insulin resistance can develop into type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes affects more than 400 million people worldwide, and the trend is on the rise. If you want to reduce your risk of disease, you must take action and find good strategies.

Green tea can improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar ( 12 ). A meta-analysis of 18 studies showed that regular consumption of caffeinated beverages, such as tea or coffee, can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by as much as 7% ( 13 ).

Green tea improves the effect of insulin on the body and therefore protects against diabetes. If you drink a lot of tea, you can reduce your risk by up to seven percent.

Large number of varieties

How often, how much, and when you drink green tea depends entirely on the respective goal and what health benefits you expect. Tea varieties have different effects and health benefits that result from different cultivation and processing methods.

If you want to drink tea every day, you should pay attention to the organic quality when buying to avoid pesticides and contaminants. Sencha and Gyokuro tea varieties are particularly suitable as a base tea. Sencha is best known in western countries. The greener and finer the leaves, the better the quality. The quality and prices of products vary greatly.

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