Acerola – the wonder of Vitamin C

The acerola is considered the fruit with the highest content on vitamin C in the world. In terms of numbers, 100 g contains around 1,500 mg of vitamin C. Compared to a kiwi or orange which are each at around 50 mg per 100 g, their content is quite a bit higher.

What is Acerola?

Especially in the fall and winter, almost everyone has a cough, runny nose, or cold. Vitamin C is essential in the prevention and relief of these symptoms, as it strengthens the immune system.

Most people take citrus fruits like oranges. But, there is a fruit that far exceeds its vitamin C content: the acerola cherry.

The small fruit comes from the tropics and it only has one thing in common with the other cherries: its shape and size. It grows in bushes 2-3 meters high and is between one and three centimeters high.

Thanks to its fast maturing time of around three to four weeks, Acerola can even be harvested several times a year. Due to the nature of the fruit with more than 80% liquid and its very thin skin, it is very easy to consume.

Acerola is primarily used as a food supplement in capsule or tablet form and is ideal for compensating for potential deficits in vitamin C supply.

Deficit and overdose

Acerola cherry is very popular, especially for preventing a deficit or for people with a higher vitamin C requirement .

For which an orange or lemon is generally not enough, this cherry can not only meet the daily requirement but also exceed it.

Consumption is also particularly advantageous because, in addition to vitamin Cacerola cherries also contain other valuable nutrients such as vitamin Avitamin Bmagnesiumphosphorus, and calcium.

Together, the micronutrients form extremely good and effective cell protection and also strengthen the antioxidant effect of vitamin C. Overdose is generally not a problem since vitamin C is soluble in water and is therefore excreted by the body.


Acerola – juice or powder

Acerola cherry is mainly processed into juice or powder in growing countries, and then you can buy them in supermarkets or health food stores. Ingestion in the form of juice is an excellent way to eat the fruit as unalterable as possible.

The only downside: if possible, the juice should always be stored in a cool place so that it can be kept as long as possible.

However, if you want to avoid the acid taste but want to take advantage of its valuable benefits, we recommend that you take it in the form of capsules or acerola powder.

The advantage here is the longer shelf life of the product and the exact dosage per capsule. The capsules also facilitate compliance with daily requirements and do not overdose.


The acerola is indisputable number one when it comes to fruits rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C’s various beneficial health properties, such as strengthening the immune system, slowing cellular aging, promoting wound healing, and preventing allergies, have been well documented.

So that you can ideally benefit from all the valuable properties, acerola products are available as juice or supplements in the form of acerola capsules and, for example, also as nuts to add to cereals.

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